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Bedford Road Primary Academy

The Knowledge Schools Trust

We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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School Ambassadors

School Ambassadors

Our school ambassadors are voted for by the children and staff in the school to support the work of the school council. These children nominate themselves in year 5 and are given the role of school ambassador for a year, whilst in year 6.

These children are role models for the rest of the school and encourage high attendance, good behaviour for learning, excellent effort, empathy and being the very best you can be.

The children work closely with Mrs Williams and focus on a different project every term to improve the school for all the children.

These projects include:

  • ensuring good manners at lunchtime
  • litter picking
  • supporting children who speak English as an additional language
  • monitoring and improving school displays
  • encouraging good attendance
  • working in Sainsburys

The children also have the opportunity to work with other members of staff such as Mrs Gould, Mr Harper and Mr Rignall to bring about positive changes to the school for all the children.

9 children in year 6 are our current school ambassadors. They interviewed for the posts in September 2022 and run a full year term. The children are responsible for demonstrating the school values at all times – being kind, being respectful and being the best they can be. The children are involved in welcoming children to school in the morning, ensuring that the school is well looked after and displaying the best possible behaviour as a model of learning for all children in the school.