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Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

Below you will find the Knowledge Organisers for the Primary Knowledge Curriculum.


Michaelmas A All about me
Michaelmas B Transport
Lent A Space
Lent B Growing and Changing
Trinity A Kings and Queens
Trinity B Stories from the Past


Humanities Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense The Human Body Colour
Michaelmas B Discovering History Animals and their needs Line
Lent A The UK Seasons and Weather Architecture
Lent B Kings, Queens and Leaders Taking Care of the Earth Style in Art / Narrative Art
Trinity A The Seven Continents Plants Paintings of Children
Trinity B Parliament and Prime Ministers Materials and Magnets



Humanities Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense Human Body Colour and Shape
Michaelmas B The Romans in Britain Living Things and their environments Colour, Shape and Texture
Lent A The British Isles Electricity Portraits and Self-Portraits
Lent B The Tudors Plants Landscape and Symmetry
Trinity A Northern Europe Materials and Matter History Painting
Trinity B Powerful Voices Astronomy Murals and Tapestries


Geography History Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense Ancient Greece Human Body Line
Michaelmas B Settlements Ancient Greece Cycles in Nature Still Life and Form
Lent A Rivers Anglo-Saxons, the Scots and Vikings Light Art of Ancient Egypt
Lent B UK Geography The South West Anglo-Saxons, the Scots and Vikings Plants Anglo-Saxon Art
Trinity A Western Europe Law and power 1154-1272 Rocks Architecture
Trinity B Asia: India and China The Wars of the Roses Forces and Magnets Modern Architecture


Geography History Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense Stone Age to Iron Age Human Body Light
Michaelmas B Mediterranean Europe Ancient Egypt Classification of Plants and Animals Space
Lent A Eastern Europe Life in Ancient Rome Ecology Design
Lent B UK Geography: Northern Ireland The Rise and Fall of Rome Sound Monuments of Ancient Rome
Trinity A The UK Geography: London and the South East The Stuarts States of Matter and the Water Cycle Byzantine Monuments
Trinity B

Asia: Japan

The Stuarts Electricity

Embroidery, Needlework and Weaving


Geography History Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense History of Baghdad 900CE Living Things and their Habitats Style in Art
Michaelmas B Mountains The Early British Empire Materials Islamic Art and Architecture
Lent A East Anglia, Yorkshire and Midlands The French Revolution Human Body Art from Western Africa
Lent B Australia The Transatlantic Slave Trad Meteorology Chinese Painting and Ceramics
Trinity A New Zealand and the South Pacific The Industrial Revolution Astronomy Printmaking
Trinity B Local Study The Victorian Age Forces An Introduction to Photography


Geography History Science Art
Michaelmas A Spatial Sense World War I Human Body Art in the Italian Renaissance
Michaelmas B British Geographical Issues The Suffragettes Classification of Living Things Renaissance Architecture and Sculpture
Lent A North America The Rise of Hitler Electricity Victorian Art and Architecture
Lent B South America World War II Light William Morris
Trinity A Africa The Cold War Reproduction Impressionism and Post Impressionism
Trinity B Globalisation The History of Human Rights Evolution Art in the 20th Century